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Your Health is your Wealth- Ronda Arndorfer, Entrepreneur, Accountant, Life Coach, Pilates Guru & Mom Ronda learned the ins and outs of the holistic approach to wellness while traveling around the world in Natural Health Clinics. Now, as a holistic coach, Ronda has helped hundreds to step up and really demand their life back by guiding them to find the root of their individual health challenges. Tune in each week for Healthy is Wealthy tips on topics such as:SleepStress resilienceGut healthMood–depression & anxietyMindfulness practicesImportance of movementUnderstanding the Gut-Brain-Axis Discover Ronda’s, “Secrets to Lasting Health and Happiness”. This podcast series is for all of you searching for more, those looking to achieve optimal health, desiring more energy, clearer thinking, and are ready to really flourish. Listen and learn how to optimize your mental health and transition from surviving to thriving!

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