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Extreme Sports Performance was founded by Ryan Blake in 2008 & launched online in 2018. After spending all of our lives playing, competing & coaching school, county, national & international sport, we have followed a continued pathway & profession in elite sport, exercise & health.We believe that there are many talented & aspiring athletes of all ages & in all sports that do not have the appropriate guidance or receive the appropriate advice to help them improve.Simple to advanced sport & exercise science in combination with appropriate medical support makes the difference that people need to help them enhance their performance.Our methods & approaches allow us to work very closely with people who are striving for a better, healthier & more fulfilled life.The areas we specialise in are: extreme sports, combat sports, motor sports, endurance sports, long term athletic development, performance enhancement, injury prevention, strength & conditioning, sports medicine, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, psychology & coaching.“Release Your Limits!”

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