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Express Yourself Black Man (XYBM) is the largest mental health and holistic healing platform created by Black men, for Black men with over 200K followers across all social media platforms. We empower Black men with the tools, resources and mental health education necessary for growth, healing and long-lasting success. Dive into our podcast where we have 90+ episodes available to help you. Whether it's the rollercoaster of a break-up or divorce, the intricacies of relationships, the joys and challenges of fatherhood, or the delicate dance of co-parenting, we've got you covered. We also tackle heavy topics like grief, depression, therapy, and entrepreneurship, making sure each episode leaves you with a page full of notes and insight. And we're not just talking – we're connecting you with industry-leading professionals who share on actionable strategies. XYBM is more than a podcast; it's your entryway to a better, more empowered life. Join us as we explore trauma, share personal experiences, and unravel the valuable lessons we've learned from therapy. Think of each episode as an in-depth exploration, a commitment to reclaiming those 2.8 years on average that studies say we lose to heavy stress. Ready to make a change? Press play on any episode that resonates and let us help you.

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