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Escaping from potential serial killer on a date night


Episode   ·  5,579 Plays

Episode  ·  5,579 Plays  ·  19:49  ·  Feb 8, 2023


Riya was dealing with her breakup for weeks and her best friend Tanya takes her out on a pub night where she sees her ex and starts getting drunk, and jealous. She wanted to make his ex feel that too so she got along with a guy named Sandy. who was staring at her all the time and Riya lost consciousness due to overconsumption of alcohol. Tnya tells Sandy to take Riya home in his car but Sany had other plans. What did Sandy intend to do with her? Where did he take her if not her home? Tune in to listen to the full story.

19m 49s  ·  Feb 8, 2023

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