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Dede Griesbauer: Ultraman World Champion at 52

Inside Tri Show

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Episode  ·  1:02:39  ·  Jan 25, 2023


Dede Griesbauer is a 52 year old professional triathlete. No, there's no typo there. She was crowned Ultraman World Champion at the end of 2022 and has no plans to stop now. Her voice is well-known voice to triathlon fans as she is part of the Ironman commentary team. Before triathlon she was a Collegiate swimmer, competed at the Olympic trials and worked on Wall Street before turning pro. You'll hear:00:00 Dede on her recovery from Ultraman. 04:30 What it means to be a World Champion at 52. 'There is no limit to what you can achieve. You can still do great things and set goals and achieve them at an older age. 06:00 Dede talks about her 30s (even though she says she doesn't really remember them!) when she quit her job on Wall Street and turned Pro. I won my second Ironman as a Pro. There were some difficult years in there and there were some years that brought me to the verge of retirement, there were some dark dark days, but it's such a joy to still be a part of it. I would never have dreamed I'd still be here racing professionally in 2023. 08:00 Dede recalls the time around quitting her Wall Street job and the role her husband played and has played since. 13:00 What did killing a squirrel teach Dede when she was on Summer Camp as an 8 year old and what happened when she tried archery? 18:00 Stubbornness, setbacks, doubt and persistence. "I've never wanted to stay past a point where it's not good any more. Ive always wanted to have a relevance in the sport. But the perspective has changed a lot." 25:00 Why you can carry on longer in sport than people would think 'there's still a lot of meat left on that bone.'29:00 Dede's thoughts on Ironman splitting the World Championships to separate locations. 33:00 How does Dede react to and deal with the negative comments about Ironman's coverage? "If you think we suck tell us why."42:00 How has strength work changed for Dede since she turned pro at the age of 35?47:00 How does Dede come to terms with age as an endurance athlete? 'Getting older has forced me to focus on the minor details.'52:00 What it's like being coached by Julie Dibens, even though they raced each other in the past. Find out more about this week's guest:Dede Griesbauer InstagramDede Griesbauer websiteTHE ROC Triathlons 5K Your Way Erdinger Alkolfrei January ChallengePodcast SponsorsForm Swim and Presca Sportswear are sponsoring the podcast on a bi-weekly basis so you can hear the best interviews in triathlon each week. FORM Swim - 15% off smart swimming goggles. Presca Sportswear - Sustainable Sportswear. Get 15% off with the code insidetri15Like what you heard?Let me know! Connect with Inside Tri Show across Social Media, just search Inside Tri Show or click on the icons belowGET YOUR HANDS ON AN EXCLUSIVE EPISODE!Sign up to be a vino buddy or a training buddy on Patreon and get your hands on two patrons-only episodes a year. Or just support the show by buying Helen a coffee every month by becoming a coffee buddy...

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