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Cyber Sex Trafficking


Episode   ·  14 Plays

Episode  ·  14 Plays  ·  45:29  ·  Sep 4, 2022


This episode of the MISSING podcast dives into the dark underbelly of the internet to understand cyber sex trafficking and how its networks operate online. To guide us through, we have Supreme Court of India Advocate Ravi Kant, who is a Founder Member and President of Shakti Vahini, a national-level organization that has been pioneering the fight against human trafficking, and Dr. Karnika Seth, an Indian lawyer, writer, educator and policymaker, who practices in the Supreme Court of India, and acts as legal Advisor to the Ministry of Information Technology, in the fields of cyber law, intellectual property law, media law, and the protection of women and children. They explain how the online world has become an integral part of human trafficking and the different kinds of tech used. They narrate horrific first-hand cases, and tell us the importance of collaboration and awareness in fighting cyber sex trafficking. Trigger Warning: Please note, this episode contains themes and depictions of human trafficking that may be disturbing to listeners. Listener discretion is advised. If you or someone you know needs help, resources and more information about the work of the Missing Link Trust are available at www.savemissinggirls.com. Get in touch with them by sending an email to reachus@savemissinggirls.com. And follow the Missing Link Trust on Instagram & Twitter @missingirls. CREDITS: A podcast series by the Missing Link Trust Host and Executive Producer: Leena Kejriwal Opening Story Narrated by Ankur Warikoo Writers: Mae Mariyam Thomas, Baisali C Dutta, Devleena Chakraborty & Husein Haveliwala This is a Maed in India production. Audio Engineer & Editor - Kartik Kulkarni Producer - Mae Mariyam Thomas Assistant Producer - Husein Haveliwala Show Artwork - Alika Gupta Episode Artwork - Bhaswati Bose

45m 29s  ·  Sep 4, 2022

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