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A soft, caring selection of guided meditation and mindfulness sessions to help you unwind, relax and live a happier life. Letting go of stress, anxiety and panic attacks. You can book a one on one hypnotherapy session now with Martin - gentle background music, a soft, empathic voice, Martin guides you along a path towards taking back control of your life and well being. So, if you are suffering from insomnia or a lack of confidence I aim to provide you with a way of letting go of the past and being more confident and happier in the future. Take time out and learn to relax completely. I also have the new Calming Anxiety App. All this content plus so much more. Download now and take back control over your thoughts, feelings and reactions. Calming Anxiety for IOS - Anxiety for Android - not join our community at the Calming Anxiety FaceBook Group? Share ideas, how you have changed through using the sessions or ideas for future shows. you, Martin Hewlett GQHPBecome a supporter of this podcast:

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