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Rumors: Dark Lore From India

Episode   ·  128 Plays

Episode  ·  128 Plays  ·  24:14  ·  Dec 16, 2022


From taking the form of beautiful human beings to avenging the death of their loved ones, Indian folklore grants snakes a lot of natural and supernatural powers. We love the icchadhari naagin so much that our popular culture just can’t stop spinning stories around her. So where did the icchadhari naagin come from? Did she always exist in this form? Or is she just the most recent phase in a long-running cultural fascination with snakes?Just like Rumors, Bound helps brands and storytellers create high-quality, knowledgeable, and stellar podcasts with our end-to-end podcast and video production services. Reach out to our producer, Aishwarya Javalgekar, at aishwarya@boundindia.com to get started on your podcasting journey or analyze if a podcast is right for you.‘Rumors’ shines a light on the darkest corners of India, where fact and fiction combine into magical and haunting stories. Brought to you by Bound, a company that helps you grow through stories. Follow us @boundindia on all social platforms. Written and voiced by Chandrima Das, a best-selling author, storyteller and an avid collector of dark tales. Follow her @hackiechan on all social media platforms. Produced by Aishwarya JavalgekarSound design by Aditya AryaArtwork by Artisto Designz Disclaimer: This show is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to outrage, insult, defame, or hurt any religion or religious sentiments, beliefs, feelings of any person, entity, class or community and does not encourage or propagate any superstition, black magic and/ or witchcraft. While every effort has been made in research, we do not make any representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability or completeness of the content.

24m 14s  ·  Dec 16, 2022

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