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7 Strategies to Build a Powerful Board to Drive Startup Success with Joe Leech, Coach to CEOs

Understanding VC

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Episode  ·  53:55  ·  Oct 12, 2023


In this episode you will learn:00:00 - Introduction: The Essence of Startup Board Roles00:34 - Board Governance vs. Decision-Making: An In-depth Exploration00:37 - Understanding the Board of Directors and Their Vital Duties10:25 - The Optimal Timing for Establishing a Business Board16:50 - Defining 'Board Chairperson,' 'Board Observer,' and 'Non-Executive Board Member'22:50 - Founder or Investor as Chair: A Crucial Decision and Its Rationale23:55 - Finding the Right Board Size for Early-Stage Startups and Its Significance27:00 - Strategies for Assembling Your Startup's Dream Board31:40 - Red Flags to Watch Out for When Building Your Board33:30 - Ideal Dynamics Among Board Members: A Guide for Startups36:10 - Effective vs. Ineffective Communication Practices Between Founders and Investors39:55 - Smooth Sailing Through Board Meetings: Best Practices 47:40 - The Mystery of Board Packs and Their PurposeAboutJoe is a coach to CEOs. He works with CEOs at start-ups, high growth to IPO to public companies to the big exit; helping define what it means to be a leader, how to create impact, how to grow alongside the business and how to change the world all while enjoying every part of that journey. Joe is a recovering neuroscientist, then a spell as an elementary school teacher as well as 15 years in tech, $20b in revenue, experience with 30+ startups & FTSE / Fortune 100 giants.

53m 55s  ·  Oct 12, 2023

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