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5th Anniversary "DJ Jorge Gallardo Radio" - Katy & Taylor (Barcelona - California Connection) 2

DJ Jorge Gallardo Radio

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5th Anniversary DJ Jorge Gallardo Radio – Katy & Taylor (Barcelona – California CONNECTION) December 13, 2017-202200 LANDR CUÑA PENNY 1 MEGASIX SMASHUP KATY Y TAYLOR 201 Call It What You Want02 In the Club03 All You Need Is Love04 Pancake05 ...Ready For It06 Reflection07 Rise (Monsieur Adi Radio Edit)08 Ali Bay09 New Romantics10 Do It Now11 This Moment12 My Pain13 22 (Taylor's Version)14 Another Riff for the Good Times15 Bon App‚tit (feat. Migos) [3LAU Remix]16 It's A Killa17 Change (Taylor's Version)18 Body Funk19 Teenage Dream (Vandalism V8 Vocal Remix)20 Tachyon Dream (Rework)21 Lover22 The First Time23 Wide Awake24 Fire Within25 Begin Again (Taylor's Version)26 Alone (Mixed)27 Electric28 Foggy Geezer29 Only The Young (Featured in Miss Americana)30 Consolidated Love31 When I'm Gone (VIP Mix) [Mixed]32 Mongeha33 Breathe (Taylor's Version) [feat. Colbie Caillat]34 Don't Wait35 D‚j… Vu36 Ufo37 Wonderland38 Wisdom39 Never Really Over (Wow & Flutter Remix)40 Liminality41 State Of Grace (Taylor's Version)42 Dreams With43 Smile (Marshall Jefferson Remix)44 Timeless (Mees Salomé Remix)45 Better Than Revenge46 Orlanda47 Ur So Gay (Remix)48 Above & Below49 ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco)50 Blah Blah Shake51 I Kissed a Girl (Jason Nevins Funkrokr Extended Mix)52 Cyclo53 Come Back...Be Here (Taylor's Version)54 You Don't Know55 Resilient (feat. Aitana) [Ti‰sto Remix]56 Trois57 This Love (Taylor's Version)58 Sky (Radio Edit)59 Chained To the Rhythm (feat. Skip Marley) [Hot Chip Remix]60 Munavvar (Extended Mix)61 You're On Your Own, Kid62 Dematerialization63 Part of Me (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)64 Brain Dismatch65 Fearless (Taylor's Version)66 We Control67 Bigger Than Me68 Forest Man (Proff Remix)69 Clean70 CBD71 Cry About It Later72 Carnaval de Paris73 All You Had To Do Was Stay74 Don't Wait75 This Is How We Do (feat. Riff Raff)76 Timeless (Radio Edit)77 Would've, Could've, Should've78 Tick79 Hot 'n' Cold (Innerpartysystem Main)80 Realize81 'tis the damn season82 Square83 Small Talk (Lost Kings Remix)84 Urano Beatz (Mixed)85 Lavender Haze86 Out The Door87 Act My Age88 Baharat89 Anti-Hero90 In Memoriam (Tim Green Remix)91 Double Rainbow92 The Chase93 We Were Happy (Taylor's Version) [From The Vault]94 Get up & Down95 What Makes A Woman96 Mambo (Edit)97 Can You Feel It (Vocal) _ Swish Swish (feat. Nicki Minaj) [Valentino Khan Remix] [Mixed]DJ, Producer, Remixer, Vocalist, Songwriter, Podcaster, App Developer, Webmaster...DJ Jorge Gallardo Radio [Official Android App]Google Play Storehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spreaker.custom.prod.app_56022&hl=es&gl=USDJ Jorge Gallardo Radio [Official iOS App]Apple App Storehttps://apps.apple.com/tt/app/dj-jorge-gallardo-radio/id1480132548?ign-mpt=uo%3D2© DJ & Producer E-MAILScontact@djjorgegallardo.cominfo@djjorgegallardo.comwork@djjorgegallardo.com© DJ Jorge Gallardo Entertainment S.L. Record Label E-MAILSrecordlabel@djjorgegallardoentertainment.comcontact@djjorgegallardoentertainment.cominfo@djjorgegallardoentertainment.comwork@djjorgegallardoentertainment.comcustomers@djjorgegallardoentertainment.combooking@djjorgegallardoentertainment.comcontrataciones@djjorgegallardoentertainment.comRecord label, distribution, publishing, editing, publication and sale of records, management, music production, production and organization of events, hiring of artists, merchandising. Audiovisual broadcasting of musical events, theater, festivals and concerts. Appearances on radio, television and derivatives such as programs, sections, interviews, advertisements and derivatives - Sale, distributionMORE INFO ONhttps://djjorgegallardoentertainment.com© DJ Jorge Gallardo© DJ Jorge Gallardo Entertainment S.L.

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