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30 Rock: The Moms (4.20)

Zanna and Billiam

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We head back to 30 Rock(both the show and the place) for a very special(to be honest, it's not actually that special) Mother's Day episode. Even though this episode probably won't be heard until after Mother's Day. But we make like Victor Hugo and digress! (#ObscureLesMizRef) Anyhoo, in this episode, Will mocks/performs slam poetry, Susannah(yet again) tells us about her parent's interaction with a celebrity(this time, it's her dad and Keith Haring, Will reassures us all that Susannah is not in a polygamous cult, and Susannah offhandedly mentions the huge age gap in Back to the Future 3. (#ShamelessBackToTheFuture3Ref) Next week, we'll be covering The Good Place's The Burrito, featuring an abundance of Judge Gen brilliance. (#AlwaysNeccesaryMayaRudolphLove) Support this podcast

1h 4m 33s  ·  May 9, 2021

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