00. Become a seeker to succeed

00. Become a seeker to succeed



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After learning the principles of meditation, states of mind, causes of suffering, method to become a seeker, and obstacles on the path, it is important that person should learn how to become a highest seeker. The highest seeker always succeeds, because mind lives in Ekagrata state guided by Sattva Guna i.e., knowledge and joy.Seeker always succeeds in meditation leads to self-discovery results in permanent peace, happiness, love, truth and wisdom.Eastern wisdom and masters say that we need to listen the principles, reflects followed by specialized practices to become a seeker.The half the journey becomes complete when we become a seeker. It is important to know the principles as taught by great masters.In this series, we will learn principles taught by masters like Buddha, Shankara, Ramakrishna, Patanjali to become a seeker. The series includes practices in every session. we will follow the four-step approach as taught and passed on to us by great masters of eastern wisdomLearning the principles - I do not know, let me know it. Clarity and conviction - I do not understand it; let me understand it.Practice - I do not experience it; let me practice it.Change in life- I do not change; let me share experience and find out how to correct if there is a problem. When we become a seeker as taught by masters of eastern wisdom, entire life changes outwardly and inwardly. It is important that seeker should contemplate and reflect on the principles and practice regularly. Disclaimer: we normally record sessions and put them on YouTube ( only talk and not the practice) for the benefit of participants so that they revisit the session as many times as possible. we also record audio and send it to all participants so that they can practice at home, before the next practice. please visit the website below and read more about disclaimers and waivers. Please write to us if you want any change in our working.About Girish Jha www.girishjha.com Blog: www.girishjha.us Website: www.girishjha.org Contact: info@girishjha.org Podcast https://www.spreaker.com/user/girishjhausa #EasternWisdom #BeASeeker #www.girishjha.org #EasternWisdom#GirishJha

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