Sing a Full Song

Sing a Full Song Lyrics

The Waters and the Wild  by Ninebarrow

Song  ·  5:05  ·  English

℗ 2020 Winding Track

Sing a Full Song Lyrics

If only the moon could cry
If only the stars could mourn
If only their tears filled the sky
If they only could hold back the dawn

If the night were a night without end
If the day would not flourish so soon
Then our love would sing its full song
′Til the end of the very last tune

Oh but I must ride the sun
And the sun must ride as he please
And the wind which brought me to you
Must carry me over the seas

And the fire which forged love so pure
Will fire the brand of regret
For never such love should endure
But never such love can forget

For with you I should never want more
With I should never need none
With you our love would be sure
When other loving be done

And tonight we have seen the moon cry
And tonight we have seen the stars mourn
And tonight have our tears filled the sky
But they never can hold back the dawn

Writer(s): John Michael Kirkpatrick<br>Lyrics powered by

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