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  1. Rockstar

    Rockstar (Post Malone Parody)


  2. Rockstar Song Lyrics

    Rhino Tank God
    Ayy, ayy

    There's a few things that I wanna say
    To the game company named Rockstar (-star, ayy)
    I've been playing GTA since '98
    So I've been down with you lot right from the start (the start)
    When running over Hare Krishnas
    Was rewarded with the sound "Gouranga!" (-ranga)
    I learnt swearing thanks to you, if I hadn't
    I'd still be saying "Gosh, darn" (gosh darn, ayy Jones, ayy, ayy)

    Played the story mode of GTA V
    Every day, all summer, got far (got far, ayy)
    Then it glitched, I lost my progress, I was pissed
    Had a face like a slapped arse (slapped arse, ayy)
    Plus quit GTA Online 'cause hackers got free stuff
    For which I got charged (got charged, ayy)
    Wasted every penny of my money
    On a Megalodon shark card (shark card)

    There's some more stuff that I wanna say
    To the game company named Rockstar (-star, ayy, ayy)
    How come you don't bother using the face engine
    You used in LA Noire? (-A Noire)
    It was such a cool way to incorporate the faces
    Of real actors (actors)
    Their expressions were as entertaining
    As when Jack Thompson got disbarred
    He was so annoying, blaming all the violence on games
    Saying GTA was the way murderers had been trained
    Saying "I want it banned" (ayy, ayy)
    Kind of like how you never made a PC Red Dead Redemption
    And even despite the undeniable demand
    You're disappointing the fans (yeah, ayy)

    One final thing that I want to say
    To the game company named Rockstar (-star)
    Why you never made another Grand Theft Auto
    That is set in London? (London)
    Now you're based in New York, you forgot your humble roots
    In Edinburgh (-burgh)
    Or Dundee, I couldn't tell from my research
    But definitely in Scotland (Scotland)

    Is it bad that I just wanna hear a pedestrian
    Shouting "tosser"? (tosser)
    Swearing like a British person is at risk
    Of becoming a lost art (lost art)
    Wouldn't it be fun to hear the word "wanker"
    More often in the pop charts? (pop charts)
    That's currently the end of the list
    Of things I want to say to Rockstar (-star)

    I'm singing the same melody as before
    But transposed by an octave (-ave)
    (Rockstar, Rockstar, Rockstar, Rockstar)

    Writer(s): dan bull
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