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  1. Last Night

    The Essential Chad & Jeremy (The Columbia Years)


  2. Last Night Song Lyrics


    Last night, I told you many things
    Last night, it'd hard remembering
    I think I said that I loved you child
    And at the time, it did seem wild
    I know that I was high
    Last night, I was out of my mind
    Last night, don't think me unkind
    It's just that you were by my side
    If I remember right, I think I cried
    You know that I was high
    Forget all the things I said
    This morning 'wish that was dead
    Put down the phone, go back to bed
    Forget it
    Last night, I give you my word
    That last night, whatever you heard
    Was just a man who was very tired
    You were just a face that I admired
    You know that I was high
    Last night will be the first and
    Last night, oh, oh, yeah,
    Think it over and then you'll will see
    Tonight will be the first and last for me

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