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  1. Sister of the Abyss

    Eroded by the Breeze


  2. Sister of the Abyss Song Lyrics

    violent chimes splitted up the air
    schismatic from the rush of the world
    she resides in the deepest hole
    it's true
    i've been there, a long time ago
    it was overgrown
    by some wet old roots
    and she collected
    the most gorgeous things i've ever seen
    despised by the outside
    she lived in her own world
    the soil on the ground was stronger
    than the heaviest hail
    where the dirt down to my feets
    was so much lovelier than
    their green green grass

    i saw a million faces
    when i came back
    a million cunning faces
    surrounded by the sleeping snake
    i am your forgotten son
    the redundant part
    and i know, i know, i know that her roots
    still rum through my veins

    of the abyss
    sister of the abyss
    these violent chimes
    still sound in my head
    they still sound in my head

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