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  1. A Christmas Song for Shane Dawson

    A Christmas Song for Shane Dawson


  2. A Christmas Song for Shane Dawson Song Lyrics

    Hey shane
    I know you don't really like christmas music but.
    Maybe you just needed a christmas song for you
    To remind you of how far you've come
    Well, this is a story all about how
    You'r childhood wasn't great but. look at you now
    You got aboyfriend that hasn't left you yet
    And you got a cool house that's kind of haunted
    A cat and a dog as your pets
    Even though they hate your guts
    They're your family no matter what
    You've got afriend.maybe 5. more like 4
    And you've reconnecting with some from your past
    Like you'r old best friend.and you'r dad
    Pushing limits you didn't think you had
    And you got 11 million fans that have your back
    You finally made some merch that you like wearing
    And started a company with your friend garrett
    So maybe this year you won't be sad on christmas
    When you look back and you see what you've accomplished
    Shane Dawson
    Shane Dawson
    Shane Dawson:)

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