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XTC - “Life’s Like A Jig-Saw” - Episode 42

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Episode  ·  1:07:18  ·  Jan 25, 2021


A year ago I will admit that I only owned one XTC compilation CD. I didn't know what I was missing. For this weeks show dived deep into the classic period ('78-'82) of XTC, and came out the other end absolutely mesmerized by their music. The talent this band had was off the charts and it's a shame they never reached the success in the states they deserved. This episode features mostly deep cuts, but I do throw in some of their bigger songs that charted in the UK since they never made an impact in the US. I do not own the rights to any of the music played on this podcast. The musicians or the music labels own the copyright. I play this music under the doctrine of Fair Use. I am not here as a DJ, but to offer music commentary and criticism. My goal is for you to gain a larger appreciation for the bands or the musicians played here on this podcast and I ask for you to go out and purchase their music or legally stream it. The musicians need your support and I hope this show contributes to spreading the good word about the bands you hear on these episodes. I do not profit in any way from this podcast. It is truly done out of my pure love of the music.Follow the ABC's of rock on Facebook @abcofrockpodcast and on Twitter @abcrockpodcast, or email me directly at abcofrockpodcast@gmail.comFeatured songs (read ahead OR be surprised!!!)Radios In MotionSpinning TopBattery Brides (Andy Paints Brian)Crowded RoomMaking Plans For NigelHelicopterGenerals and MajorsNo Language In Our LungsSenses Working OvertimeAll Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)Generals and Majors Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-JeQduJ0f8&t=188s

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