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TMR 2021: Why do platforms struggle with moderating online hate? | Chitranshu Tewari, Marietje Schaake, Alex Kantrowitz, Mishi Choudhary, and Julian Jaursch

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Episode   ·  2 Plays

Episode  ·  2 Plays  ·  56:58  ·  Nov 3, 2021


The session discusses what links the platform’s architecture with misinformation, and between private online governance structures like Facebook Oversight Board and laws, who can regulate speech better and the risks its implementation runs, from user privacy to over censoring speech. 'Governing Online Speech' was moderated by Chitranshu Tewari and included Marieteje Schaake, international policy director, Standford Cyber Policy Centre; Alex Kantrowitz, founder, Big Technology; Mishi Choudhary, legal director, Software Freedom Law Centre; and Julian Jaursch, project director, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung on the panel Timecodes:0:00 to 01:18 – Introduction01:18 to 04: 38 – Big-tech skirting accountability via ‘Ethics’ and ‘Statement of Intent’ 04:38 to 11:13 – Online platforms’ choice between engagement and safety11:13 to 21:18 – Regulation protectionism disguised as empowerment21:18 to 26:21 – Regulatory frameworks infringing on international freedom norms26:21 to 33:00 – Negative connotation attached to online regulation33:00 to 36:05 – Europe’s pioneering role in regulation36:05 to 41:38 – Efficacy of community standards in regulating online speech41:38 to 44:53 – Dangers of excluding government regulation 44:53 to 52:48 – Relook at existing legal protection against user generated content52:48 to 56:44 – Balkanization of online speech governance and concluding remarks Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

56m 58s  ·  Nov 3, 2021

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