The Messenger | दा मैसेंजर | Author:- Mahesh Sharma

The Messenger | दा मैसेंजर | Author:- Mahesh Sharma



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In a small town named KAHUL, a builder is murdered by a woman under mysterious circumstances. The police start investigating the murder and during the investigation two more murders are executed in the similar manner. This doesn’t go well with the Godman Maharaj Ji. Maharaj Ji vows to free the town from these evils. But in the other corner of the town, a suspended cop is exposed to a hidden secret which is going to unravel the chapters of deceit, conspiracy and the battle of power which will shake the entire town. To know more about the story full of suspense, mystery and twists, listen to - THE MESSENGER! Show Team ; Indarjeet , Prakhar

1 Season

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