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The Flow of Enlightenment



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Welcome to Om-Schooling for spirituality.The Flow of Enlightenment is a delightful mix of insight, divine inspiration, and humor where wisdom meets earthiness to help your ongoing spiritual growth and transformation.Follow the Flow of Enlightenment and explore everything spiritual through the deepest self-inquiry as student Lisa Berry asks Master Spiritual Teacher GP Walsh the kinds of questions you would ask an elder, a wise man, or a sage and receive direct, simple, comprehensive, and deeply human lessons and teachings.This is not channeling some disembodied being nor is it some abstract philosophy. It is spirituality made accessible and very practical.From transcending the experience of separation, releasing old conditioned patterns and wounds and alleviating suffering, to demystifying esoteric practices and revealing one’s true purpose and innate freedom.Join us in The Flow and explore the universal theory of everything in a way that is powerful, practical, and enjoyable. Discover the wisdom and practices that lead to the peace and freedom we already have but don’t know it.Enlightenment is inevitable, it is your destiny. Transformation is all there is. Life is a constant flow. Come, put your foot in the river of awakening and experience it and yourself for the first time…again.

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