The Crooked Climb with Suzanne and Denise: Life and Business are not Linear



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The idea of the crooked climb is that life and business is not a straight path. It is full of ups, downs, detours and smooth sailing. If the climb was a straight and direct path it would be very steep climb that would deter most of us from ascending. Think about when you drive up a mountain. You dont go straight up. Switchbacks are cut into the mountain so you go back and forth (left to right) as you ascend. You can see far enough in front of you so you know where you are going and occasionally you can see where youve come from. This makes the climb is easier and a lot less scary! Our goal is to give business owners honest, reliable and unbiased information they can actually use in their life and business based on the pillars: Nourish, Move, and Be! With so many aspects of life and business our vision is to guide our audience to a growth mindset so they can find the healthy, happy, fulfilling and vibrant life they are searching for. We truly want to help more entrepreneurs find the life and business they desire. Asking the questions that help you navigate what you hear, what you read and what you see and separate from the truth you believe. We will provide tools to help live life from the inside out, and guide business from the heart. To bounce back better from unexpected situations in life and business gracefully, and not allow then to derail your progress, positive attitude or success. You will do much more than listen to this podcast, with our live studio audience, our viewers will interact, engage and participate. Each episode comes with a Playbill which essentially is an action sheet (checklist) based on the topic of the show, giving you tips, tricks and action steps to close the gap between where you are today and where you want to go! Discussing a wide range of topics from stress, sleep, online business, networking, nutrition, exercise, marketing, sales, goals, digital detoxing, lifestyle, financial freedom, work/life balance, relationships.

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