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Spanwise Adaptive Wing technology | Nasa 5 dream tech | Tamil | V-Manava


Episode   ·  13 Plays

Episode  ·  13 Plays  ·  3:47  ·  May 11, 2020


This episode is a continuation of the previous episodes on the topic of Nasa 5 dream technologies. This episode speaks about the 4th technology Spanwise adaptive wing. It mainly describes about the topic, what it is , how it can be used for future aircrafts, how to make it happen in reality etc. If you have any doubts or clarifications in this episode or want to ask any questions to me, please ask in my insta page nagasurya.k or mail me at vmanavaaero@gmail.com. All your questions will be answered in the podcast.

3m 47s  ·  May 11, 2020

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