Shaadi with conditions | Author - Vishwas Vyas

Shaadi with conditions | Author - Vishwas Vyas

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Niharika Anand is a young and successful woman known for her work in the publication industry. Things in her life take a turn for the worse when her grandfather, Narendra gets a heart attack. In a critical condition on the hospital bed he requests his business partner, Khurana to accept Niharika as their daughter in law and get her married to Khurana's son, Anish. Before saying yes for the wedding Niharika chooses to set a certain conditions before her marriage. On their wedding day, unfortunately Narendra breaths his last. What happens next? Do Niharika and Anish get married? Listen to "Shaadi With Conditions" only on Pocket FM. Show Team : Simran , Prakhar

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