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S2 Ep12 Bulbula and Gaga are BORED

Josh Ke Saath - weekly kids podcast of made-up Hindi stories

Episode   ·  640 Plays

Episode  ·  640 Plays  ·  11:27  ·  Apr 6, 2020


In the time of #SocialDistancing #Covid-19 #CoronaVirus what are Bulbula and Gaga upto? Bulbula lives in USA and Gaga lives in India. Are they off from school just like many of you? Let's see why they are bored. Listen and have fun! Don't forget to send us your STORY-STARTER (a Who, Where and What) at: JoshKeSaath[at]gmail[dot]com    

11m 27s  ·  Apr 6, 2020

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