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Nate Buch - Product Manager at Dell

Good Fit Careers

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Episode  ·  1:34:04  ·  Apr 24, 2024


Nate Buch, Product Manager for commercial laptops at Dell, sits down with Ryan to walk through his career, discuss his perspective on product management, and talk about his approach to hiring and being hired.Books Nate recommends:Stratechery - Written by Ben Thompson, this is a must-read tech strategy newsletter that is consumed by all of Silicon Valley. He breaks down tech news and helps put context around why companies make the moves they do. In addition to his near-daily articles, he frequently interviews the CEOs of top tech companies in depth, which makes for great listening.Above Avalon - Written by Neil Cybart, a longtime Apple analyst. This near-daily newsletter covers similar ground to Stratechery - and in fact, one will notice strong similarities between the two - yet makes for great compare and contrast between the perspectives of these two insightful writers. Cybart also takes a more analytical approach, often diving into companies' financial statements, and makes his own (incredibly accurate) business analysis available as part of the subscription.The Innovator's Dilemma - This classic tech strategy book by the late HBS professor Clayton Christensen examines the history of incumbents versus entrants in the technology space. He demonstrates how incumbents, with seemingly insurmountable advantages, can be overtaken and outcompeted by entrants who lack the resources but have a hold on a new kind of market segment instead.Zero to One - This tech strategy book by Peter Thiel focuses on the most critical element of shipping a new product: getting the first one out the door! He delves into not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good, how iteration is more important than getting everything exactly right at the start (and in fact, how that's typically not even possible, anyway). It's a quick and fun read with a lot of good quantitative examples, too.Connect with Nate on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathanbuch

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