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Mind, Heart, Body and Romance

Is Romance Dead?

Episode   ·  42 Plays

Episode  ·  42 Plays  ·  31:29  ·  Nov 27, 2020


When we are attracted to someone, we feel giddy, elated, anxious and even overwhelmed. What are the chemical reactions in our body and psychological effects on our mind when we experience romance? In this episode, Kaneez talks to comedian Cyrus Broacha, neurologist Siddharth Warrier and clinical psychologist Amrita Narayanan to understand what takes place in our mind, heart and body when we fall in love. New episodes every Friday. -- Follow Bumble on @bumble_india and Kaneez on @kaneezsurka for more updates. Executive Producers Elixir Nahar & Georgie Coupe Directed by Mae Thomas Production by Maed in India.

31m 29s  ·  Nov 27, 2020

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