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Hey sassy naari! Welcome to Little Fixes®, your mental health and personal growth podcast. I am Maitri, a social media professional, a mother and a simple yet sassy woman just like you. This podcast is a reminder that ‘You Matter’.Join us for sweet, simple & practical ideas that help you in Transforming Into Your Best Self.As women, we are always busy and overlook many big, small and extremely important parts of our lives in the hopes of fixing them ‘soon’. Whether it’s that nagging anxiety, being more present, more meaning in relationships, career upgrade, taking a break or having a hobby- these are some of the many things on our minds but we rarely get to them. On Little Fixes Podcast®, host Maitri and her guests provide simple, actionable ideas to improve various aspects of your life.We talk about everything while focusing on mental health, physical wellbeing and personal growth. It’s a fun, conversational podcast- like a ‘real’ talk with your ‘real’ friends.Our honest stories, experiences and ideas help you thrive and take you closer to the kind of life you want to live. Let's get inspired and grow together :)New episode Every Wednesday.Instagram- @littlefixespodcast, email-© Maitri Verma

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