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Leader as Healer with Nicholas Janni, author and transformational coach.

Julie in Conversation

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Nicholas Jannii's transformative work bridges the worlds of creative, personal, spiritual and professional development in a uniquely powerful, relevant and accessible way.www.NicholasJanni.comwww.MatrixCoaching.netWATCH the conversation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6D5JV0WIBcNicholas Janni works with CEO’s and senior teams globally and teaches at two of the world’s leading business schools, pioneering a new vision and practice of leadership. In his first career he was a theatre director, teaching at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and researching the ‘zone’ of peak performance with his own company. He bridges the worlds of creative, personal, spiritual and professional development in a uniquely powerful, relevant and accessible way. His book “Leader as Healer, a new paradigm for 21st century leadership” was published to wide acclaim in 2022. www.NicholasJanni.com www.MatrixCoaching.netAbout Julie Cusmariu Julie Cusmariu is an ICF certified professional coach, certified mentor coach, coach trainer, facilitator and Intuitive Consultant with over 15 years in the field of coaching, change and transformation. Julie trains, coaches and mentors new and experienced coaches worldwide. For over 10 years Julie has been interviewing thought leaders and bestselling authors on her widely listened to podcast 'Julie in Conversation'. She is the host and creator of Dance Your Intuition and offers the experience of movement and music to individuals and organizations as an opportunity to connect to and access their inner intelligence and wisdom. Julie is pulled by curiosity and fuelled by passion and is both fascinated and humbled by the human experience, daily. www.JulieinConversation.com www.JulieCusmariu.comShow notes (using the timeline of the audio podcast):58:25- Nicholas guides us through a useful and powerful exercise to experience inner and outer attention.Power of Presence- Coaches Rising- https://www.coachesrising.com/powerofpresence/Institute of Noetic Sciences- My conversation with Hélaneh Wahbeh, ND, MCR on The Science of Channeling. When direct experience and rigorous systematic science meet.https://juliecusmariu.com/2018/09/motherhood/the-science-of-channeling-with-dr-helane-wahbeh-in-conversation-with-julie-cusmariu/Barbara Marx Hubbard in conversation with Julie Cusmariu on the podcast. https://juliecusmariu.com/2014/05/heartbeat-radio-podcast/barbara-marx-hubbard/

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