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EXCLUSIVE: The Tragic Life of Chamari Liyanage - Sri Lanka

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Episode   ·  365 Plays

Episode  ·  365 Plays  ·  1:18  ·  Feb 22, 2023


To watch this video, go to Desi Crime's YouTube channel: link to video https://youtu.be/hk0-FuqgRNI Murder cases on Desi Crime usually have a clear perpetrator and a clear victim. But sometimes crimes are not so cut-and-dry. Some cases can flip our perceptions of what is wrong and what is right; what is good and what is evil. The story of Chamari Liyanage dabbles in that gray-area. It's a story of a woman; abused, tormented, and emotionally tortured until one day … she snaps. But the strange part is, she doesn't quite remember how it happened.

1m 18s  ·  Feb 22, 2023

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