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Ep 11: Understanding the Power of Knowledge with Vishakha Hari

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Episode   ·  3 Plays

Episode  ·  3 Plays  ·  48:40  ·  Aug 7, 2020


We all know that Knowledge is power. In today’s digital world, a lot of information and content are freely available on anything and everything at the touch of a button. The knowledge is obtained by taking in the information, memorising them and making them available in meaningful ways. As we continue to gain knowledge, we are able to make better sense of the information gathered and can connect the dots in hindsight. We then move on to become insightful where we are able to apply our knowledge gained to obtain solutions to deeper problems. But the Actual Power lies in our Wisdom when we start using our insights to facilitate informed decision making that makes this world a better place.  And this is the Power of Knowledge.   Our guest today, Smt. Vishaka Hari, is a practitioner of the ancient beautiful form of art called Harikatha or Katha keerthan. Herein she weaves beautiful stories of value and wisdom interspersed with mellifluous songs of yesteryears’ great composers. She has recently founded the ‘VIJAYASHRI SCHOOL OF HARIKATHA’ – a patashaala to promote the art of Harikatha and a medium to promote our culture, values and Dharma.

48m 40s  ·  Aug 7, 2020

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