Bawra Mann | बावरा मन | Author - Neha Tiwari

Bawra Mann | बावरा मन | Author - Neha Tiwari

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Anoop had a difficult past which made him hateful towards 2 things in life- Women and Lies! On the other hand, Ragini has always led a comfortable life but is clever enough to lie to get things done her way. Naturally, Ragini in no way can attract Anoop now as she is a woman and she lies too! But it is also true that if mind is our servant, then we are the slaves of our hearts. Anoop and Ragini meet one day, fatefully. Will Ragini's lies push Anoop away from her? Or Anoop's thorny hatred blooms into a romance for Ragini? What went wrong in Anoop's past? Listen to Bawra Mann to find out only on PocketFM. Show Team ; Simran , Richa

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