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Balancing Parental Impulses: Instinct vs Insight | 008

Project Rad Dad

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Episode  ·  49:42  ·  Apr 11, 2024


Matthew and Michael candidly explore the emotional challenges of fatherhood. They discuss how negative energy from outbursts can affect a home, the struggle to keep parental control, and the importance of being present with children. Personal stories reveal their battles with emotion, identity shifts after becoming fathers, and the impulse to maintain authority.  Both emphasize the fleeting nature of childhood, advocating for appreciation amid frustration. The conversation underscores the themes of regulating emotions, the struggle against the pull of negative feelings, and the impact on children's perceptions of their parents. The episode is a candid look at the intricacies of fatherhood, the work of self-awareness, and the impact of parental behavior on family dynamics.HighlightsHow negative outbursts linger in the environment.The pitfalls of attempting to control children.The impact of these parental impulses on the parent-child relationshipThe repetition of negative feelings and habits in parenting.The importance of being present for meaningful connection with children.Motivations behind parenting impulses led by fear and lack of control.How parental stress manifests in children's behaviors.The importance of addressing issues in a calm state to avoid escalation.To Learn More:Connect with us at the Rad Dad Collective: https://www.raddadcollective.orgSign up for Matthew’s Fatherhood Dojo Newsletter: https://www.fatherhood-dojo.comFollow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raddadcollective/Join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/theRadDadCollectiveThanks for listening!Thanks so much for listening to our podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and think that others could benefit from listening, please share it using the social media buttons on this page.Do you have some feedback or questions about this episode? Leave a comment in the section below!Subscribe to the podcastIf you would like to get automatic updates of new podcast episodes, you can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher. You can also subscribe in your favorite podcast app.Leave us an Apple Podcasts reviewRatings and reviews from our listeners are extremely valuable to us and greatly appreciated. They help our podcast rank higher on Apple Podcasts, which exposes our show to more awesome listeners like you. If you have a minute, please leave an honest review on Apple Podcasts. 

49m 42s  ·  Apr 11, 2024

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