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Automation and AI: Improving Photography One Shot at a Time

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Episode  ·  44:07  ·  Jul 6, 2023


In this episode, Scott speaks with Frederick Van Johnson from This Week in Photo about the future of photography. The conversation covers a variety of AI and automation tools, including some you may not realize already play a role in your photography life.The conversation went on for nearly two hours, so we split it into two easier-to-digest episodes. This is part 1.We dive deep into machine learning and AI for photographers. We discuss AI automation tools that make tasks like keywording and hierarchy easier than ever before. Autofocus technology is also getting better with AI; cameras now recognize different elements and weigh them differently. We also discuss camera-to-cloud technology. Hear how modern technology in photography has made so much of photography less of a burden and how this has opened up new opportunities for photographers to focus on other important aspects of their work. (00:00) - 021 TWIP Workflows Crossover (04:31) - In-camera AI is already here (14:44) - AI for keywording your photos (22:33) - Generative AI images (32:05) - Camera to cloud automation and AI Discussed in this episode- Automating menial tasks for photographers with machine learning and AI- Improvements in autofocus due to AI and machine learning- Recognition, understanding and weighting of certain objects- AI apps generate accurate and interesting keywords- Caution and optimism about the potential of generative AI- Cloud technology and AI editing- Cameras uploading to the cloud for backup and AI culling and editing- Advancements in technology with Imagen, SmugMug, Fujifilm, Skylum and Frame.io- Apple's Vision Pro headset and advancements in focus technology- Eye tracking features lead to advancements in processing capabilities- Possibilities for its impact on other industriesYou can find Frederick at: Frederickvan.com Thisweekinphoto.com Smugmug.com Flickr.com Join the Imagen Community on Facebook to continue the discussions between episodes.Imagen has your back with Cloud Backups.Whether you're a solo photographer or part of a studio, Imagen's scalable cloud storage solution is perfect for projects of any size. It seamlessly integrates backup into your workflow, letting you focus on culling and editing your photos.Your photos are securely stored and protected in our vault, treated just as you would want them. If you run your edits through Imagen, then your edits are also stored alongside your images.Learn more about Imagen’s Cloud Backup and why having a proper, structured photography backup workflow is so important.Lite Personal AI Profiles Are Available Now.Lite Personal AI Profiles do not require any existing edits to learn from. We at Imagen have always believed in the power of AI to enhance your creativity, complement your skills, and never overshadow them.Led by this principle and the recent introduction to Imagen Workspace, our Lite Personal AI Profile is designed to reflect your unique personal style and artistic vision, ensuring your creative voice remains at the forefront of every photo.With Lite Personal AI Profiles you can create an AI Profile based on your Lightroom Classic presets combined with a short survey to personalize the training process.We can't wait for you to try it, and hear how it works for you! Visit the Imagen Community on Facebook for a preview of this powerful new feature.Discover all the fresh additions here.

44m 7s  ·  Jul 6, 2023

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