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A phychopath Killer who collects girls' hair samples - Part 2


Episode   ·  3,654 Plays

Episode  ·  3,654 Plays  ·  18:11  ·  Jan 3, 2023


Fining about Jhavni's death shatters Shruti and makes her curious about the box, that Jhanvi handed over to Shruti a few hours ago before her date with Jason. When Shruti came back from the police station after seeing Jhanvi's dead body; in her hostel room on a video call with Dhruv, she finds a letter from Jhanvi along with some photographs of the missing girls with their hair samples stapled in that box. What was written in that letter? Did Jhanvi know about the serial killer? How did Jhanvi become the next victim of the culprit and what was it that Jhanvi warned about in her letter to Shruti? Tune in to find out!

18m 11s  ·  Jan 3, 2023

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