You Can Overcome Anything: Ep 183 - Rebirth through Butterfly Effect– Sandy Zureik

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Episode   ·  2 Plays

Episode   ·  2 Plays  ·  41:33  ·  Oct 6, 2021


In today's episode, brings to you to You Can Overcome Anything! Podcast Show Sandy Z. (Madame Butterfly) Sandy Z. is Palestinian, Jordanian, and French and is living in the US since 2011 and has been fascinated with the diversity of cultures, people, and the different challenges they go through.After years of challenges, two divorces, being detained, and many more hardships, she finally uncovered her true nature and potential in leading others and transforming their lives, as well as their perspectives. This is how she found her purpose and calling; a lifestyle coach for divorced women.She helps caterpillars become butterflies by helping them find peace, become healthy, and create lasting happiness!She wakes up every morning excited and fulfilled because she knows that she is about to change lives and make some butterflies happy!Sandy's message to you is:YOU come first, and the rest will follow. You cannot control others or what happens or even what happened, what you can control and change is YOU. Therefore, take care of yourself and love yourself so you can create the reality and life you dream of. Focus on YOU + NOWTo Connect with Sandy Z go to:Facebook Group:Divorced, Butterfly, SuperWomenFacebook:Sandy ZInstagram:@sandy.zureikEmail:sandyz@sandyz.netTo Connect with CesarRespino go to: Gosh! My Daughter and I have been looking for a project house, we are okay with a fixer upper …Let me know if you know anyone that has one that they want to sell that is not with a realtor?424-501-6046 / www.KovaxBuysHousesLA.comThanks for visiting my Youtube Channel Subscribe to my personal Channel To get Cesar R. Espino's books go to: you have any Life Insurance and Fixed Annuities questions, or looking for retirement plans/Will, click on the link below. you looking to sell your house, and Need CASH Fast, I am here for your Real Estate Needs please contact me here:www.CesarBuysHousesLA.comFree property evaluator and for an ALL CASH Estimated on your house:www.KovaxBuysHousesLA.comFollow Me: My website: Instagram: Facebook: Business Email: ClubHouse: @cesarrespinoTikTok: @cesarrespinoTo have a 15 min FREE mind set and self-development call with Cesar R. Espino, go to listen to other great interviews, subscribe to You Can Overcome! Podcast Show:

41m 33s  ·  Oct 6, 2021

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