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Episode   ·  1 Play  ·  4:00  ·  Sep 9, 2020


How many times has it happened that even though we calculated something to the point, even though we planned something to the detail, some unaccounted circumstances detailed the process? Listen to this episode to find out what can one do in such a situation. -- • Please share this podcast ahead and/or rate this podcast, if you have the feature to do so because it'll help me reach more people. • Subscribe to my newsletter 'The Weekly Zazz' here - https://rth24.substack.com, where I combine thought, emotion, and information on mindset, marketing, entrepreneurship, pop-culture, and more. • Let's connect on my Instagram - https://www.instagram/rth24 or my Twitter https://www.twitter.com/rth_24 • I write a daily blog too, based on mindset, marketing, and movies - do check it out if you love to read. Here's the link - https://rth24.com See you in the next episode!

4m   ·  Sep 9, 2020

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