Why Catholicism is True

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Why Catholicism is True



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"Why Catholicism is True" is a show that advances the position that God Exists, and that this can be rationally demonstrated. We further affirm that God as “the sole, ultimate reality” is far more plausibly true than alternatives offered in other religions or its opposite in atheism. That Jesus Is God, and that the evidence surrounding his life, death and resurrection is clear, obvious, and easy to accept given God’s existence. The Catholic Church is Jesus’ Church and that this can be known through both Scripture and a study of history: That Christ left us with a visible, hierarchical and sacramental religion. We believe the majority of objections to Catholicism are, frankly, irrelevant. In other words, what many people argue over with regards to the Christian religion are often unnecessary blockages---evolution, for example, or whether Genesis was literal history, or scandals or whatever. Instead, think of it this way: Answer in the affirmative the three questions above (does God exist, is Jesus God, and did Christ found the Catholic Church?) and you then have all the grounds you need for becoming a Catholic, and (hopefully) wanting to be. Everything else you can then figure out as a Catholic. This we call the Minimum Effective Apologetic. We believe not only that Catholicism is true, but that everybody should want Catholicism to be true. No other religion so adequately answers the difficulties and mysteries of life; no other religion offers such meaning, happiness, and hope. We believe Catholicism is humanism on steroids. When rightly understood, no other religious or philosophical worldview dignifies and cherishes human life to a higher degree than the Church which Christ left us. We do not believe all other religions are wrong all the way through, only that the fullness of truth is found in Catholicism. The mission of Why Catholicism Is True is to offer a “minimum effective apologetic” for the one, true faith: To show that God exists, that Jesus is God, and that He founded the Catholic Church. We want to deepen the convictions, understanding, and devotions of Catholics. Furthermore, we believe in charitable and open dialogue with people of all religious and denominational backgrounds. As powerful as we’ve come to believe the arguments for Catholicism are, we believe the greatest evangelization effort is living the way Christ intended us to: with love. Visitors: You can expect us to present our case with eagerness, openness, and respect. We only ask that you do the same. This show is hosted by a former atheist, who was once very much against religion. Glory to God.

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