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Know Why?

What to do when you feel discouraged by low social media engagement

Brave Marketing

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Episode  ·  12:42  ·  Aug 3, 2022


I am sure most online coaches are using social media as a tool to grow their business and engage their audience. It might be the same for you. But what might be coming in your way are Algorithms!Platform-specific algorithms are a tough nut to crack. But what if instead of losing out on them, there is another way of working around them?What if instead of fighting the algorithm, we can flow with it?Here’s the thing - algorithms by default are built to evolve and constantly change. So the question is- are you too evolving with them or are stuck in your belief system?Hop on with me in this week’s episode where I am sharing four mindset shifts that will help you get through lower engagement rates on social media and focus on what's really important.Tune into the episode to know about themGet your free workbook on Soul led Sales at https://swapnathomas.com/soul-led-sales/ Know me more at www.swapnathomas.comWork with me 1:1 https://swapnathomas.com/private-coaching/Connect with me at www.instagram.com/swapnathomascoachingAnd if you liked any bit of this episode, show me some love and leave a review here https://www.podchaser.com/BraveMarketing

12m 42s  ·  Aug 3, 2022

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