What Is Blues? - 4:20:21, 6.29 PM

Podcast and Blues

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Music by: Gail NoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesPhoto credit: Pexels from Pixabayhttps://pixabay.com/photos/girl-african-american-black-1866959/Usage: Free imageBlues! What is blues? Blues is emotion and soul to me. Podcast and Blues. I’m your host, Gail Nobles.In the old days, the blues was sorrow. It meant being down and out. In music, we have heard the sad songs about being in love having so much trouble. Today, I can hardly tell what blues is in music. There are so many styles of music when it comes to the blues. When I think of the blues, I think of - of corse the blues musician and singer like BB King. And then I think of Otis Redding, Motown, and Star. Blues music has changed a lot over the years from the time of someone like BB King. The Blues is feeling. The blues is how you feel. It doesn’t always mean sorrow and crying about a man or a woman. There’s happy blues and swinging blues too. (Singing)When you sing happy, the horn, piano, and drums are happy too. The blues is whatever it means to you. Today’s topic … What is Blues.

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