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Every person is a book, with its own lessons and teachings in ways we couldn't fathom unless we lived them. Fortunately thanks to Allan's extensive quests we can listen in. Follow him on the journey as Allan shows you the lives of individuals with profound personal stories that help both teach and elevate to a different mindset.Each and every one of us has a desire to be something bigger than we can innately comprehend. Deep down, everyone has a desire to wander what truly lies within us and beyond are wildest imaginations. Listen to those that have already taken steps to climb to the top. Find solace in the advice of those reaching to new levels of life and beyond. Hear stories of up and comers and those with years of wisdom in life.Discover fitness, climbing the ranks of the office world, spreading the word of god, astrology, pushing the limits of physical limitations and more. With each page you will learn the process of achieving what you want in life, here on Wander XP.

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