Transhumanist Party Enlightenment Salon

Transhumanist Party Enlightenment Salon



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The United States Transhumanist Party’s Enlightenment Salons are intended to bring leading thinkers in areas such as longevity, transhumanism, futurism, artificial intelligence, politics, philosophy, art, and culture – making connections among disciplines to facilitate breakthroughs in understanding and a more rational, advanced, and informed society. In the spirit of the 18th-century Age of Enlightenment, the Enlightenment Salons make possible in-depth, long-form conversations which enable the exploration of ideas about humankind’s future in unprecedented ways.Make Contact | Stay Connected - enjoy the full "U.S. Transhumanist Party Virtual Enlightenment Salon" experience with exclusive streaming and archive video shows. Subscribe now for exclusive content on - Your Official Network with the Best Paranormal/Alternative Digital Broadcasting.

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