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Three Thirty States: ThreeThirty App Is Free Mobile Download !​As the CEO of ThreeThirtyMusicRecords, I plan to make my own differences in my own life by remembering those who have helped me to reach my success in my life. To help do for others what I have done for my self and that is "To help my family move forward in life". Three Thirty has released his new hip-hop music Albums The Rise Of The Singularity, Its A New Beginning The Rise Of Three Thirty and Singles out to the world known a Boogie Rhythm Music. Three Thirty knows he will become Public Property one day through his own Independents as an Independent Record Label. ​"When no one else can or doesn't care about your dreams you have too", We as individuals have to change to start helping one another make it to success in our own life to meet up with our own struggles because its the experiences in life we come across that we learn from which could be a good or a lose. "It is important to follow those who follow you, help those ones who help you to help change others to make a better world by working together to make a difference first in our own lives to walk through life." ​Three Thirty Thanks all of his Family, Friends, and Fans! Thanks for supporting our movement. I have always believed in the music and now its time for my music to believe in me. "To all my "FANS" I Love all hip-hop (Small or Big) " Thank You!! THREE THIRTY I began as an underground artist, I found that it is the persistence of the individuality artist that makes a true artist a person who can discover his/her talent to achieve their own goals to meet up with your own values and true desires. That same persistence can help a person to look deep inside of themselves to find their own discovery, strength, and power that can make the difference in their own lives to do better to help other peoples. Three Thirty Puts God first above all things! Three Thirty believes in family's true values to keep him grounded and rooted to it all. "A Person needs to have morels values, and respect for himself to keeps from becoming an apart of life's falling pits". To protect yourself from whoever is trying to keep you from crawling out of a bucket of crabs to grab that success that's meant for you from all walks of life. That pull and tug at us each day to keeps us down instead of lifting us up from it all.

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