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Know Why?

Think you want to be a Team Leader? Consider this first.

Eating Your Cake Too Podcast

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Episode  ·  32:50  ·  Sep 27, 2022


Are you currently a people manager or leader, or do you aspire to be? Have you ever stepped back and thought about WHY you want to lead a team?  I believe there are questions that we need to ask ourselves BEFORE we move into a role where we are responsible for achieving outcomes through others, and in this latest podcast episode, I talk about that and more!  I'll share with you what questions to ask yourself before aiming to move into a Team Leader position and I'll walk you through some of the key qualities you should cultivate to be an effective leader. Tune in and let me know what you think!  GRAB THE ONE HOUR CAREER MASTERCLASS FOR JUST $27 HERE.  Book a FREE Coaching Consult Call with me.  Curious about how you or your Organisation can work with me? Find out more here.  Follow us @eatingyourcaketoo on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. | Sign up for our community newsletter. | Grab your copy of the “Get what YOU want at Work” Online Kit | Do our Free Online Quiz and find out if you are sabotaging your career success! 

32m 50s  ·  Sep 27, 2022

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