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The Way of Conscious Mindfulness is a weekly Podcast show every Monday and Saturday with discussions on Spirituality and Science, Balancing Health and Wellbeing with Body, Mind, and Spirit, with a Daoist Twist whenever possible.Each episode will have a guest or a subject that we delve deep to discuss their Dao, or their Way/Path/Balance. Some subject shows include Doc and Sifu's Monthly Ponderings, Brittnee and Bog's One Step Beyond, Denise Chadwick and Sifu Boggie's Lightcode Discussions, Sit down with Sifu On Saturday… The guest shows will be where Sifu Boggie (and the occasional co-host) have a conversation with particular guests, asking them what is their personal Way/Path/Balance/Dao/Tao. We are NOT a normal talk show and our style is "unique " to say the least. Our aim is to have an open and varied discussion to help us all find new skills and techniques to balance our very own personal Dao.

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