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Hosted by CEO/Producer Sgt. Carnell Smith Jr, USMC aka Sgt WarDawg® and Co-Host Sgt Anjurr Henderson, USMC. "A military WarDawg™ is someone who has spent so much time at War that all they know, live, and think about - is WAR. "   -Sgt WarDawg® The mission of Sgt WarDawg TV® is to serve and entertain America's Disabled War Veterans and their struggles with TBI, PTSD, Drug Addiction, Homelessness & Suicide Prevention. At Camp Dawg House™ our non-profit organization is in the process of creating indefinite-term Off Grid Shelters for Homeless War Veterans in the Central FL area. Sgt WarDawg TV® features former Sergeant and 0311 U.S. Marine Rifleman Carnell Smith Jr aka Sgt WarDawg®. The SGT is an Infantry GRUNT  & War Veteran with 3 tours in Iraq in 2003, 2004 & 2005, including the very 1st day of the War in March 2003.  This webseries and podcast includes webisodes for fans of the Outdoors, Hunting, Fishing, Military, Self-Defense & Off Grid survival. Also includes product reviews, especially for rugged outdoors and tech products used to survive & hunt. Filmed in Florida. Some vids will also be available in Virtual Reality (VR) via #SgtWarDawgTV360 Visit for more! #TheWarDawgTrail #SgtWarDawgTV

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