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The blinding light of being resurrected and reborn. How can a person be transformed and reborn? It starts with cleansing the body and the Mind of poisonous toxins and renewal will follow closely behind. For example, the bible teaches us that Jesus was a winebibber, meaning he liked the fruit of the vine, evidenced by his first miracle cited in the bible was turning water into fine wine and, when he fasted and cleansed himself in the wilderness 40 days, Jesus found his way to John the Baptist and was baptized and then God became pleased with him. In every presentation, I will share with you a refreshing perspective on finding your purpose through examining the same scriptures. These same inspired ancient teachings of an enduring civilization and those new scriptures inspired by greedy men who wanted what the ancients had built. These same scriptures, some old and some new will show how these scriptures differ in form and effect and by understanding this, how they can be used to liberate or enslave the unsuspecting mind, through which together we can begin to see the motivations behind each of these teachings. My discussions will make clear how these same scriptures are still being used to lose the souls of the people, so they can then be mentally enslaved by wolves in sheep clothing. You will learn for yourselves how to identify and separate truth from fiction located in the same biblical source. It will simply blow your mind, even if you were indoctrinated as a child, as I was. How much money you have is not determinate of a simple mind. Billionaires are simple-minded because they only care about personal greed and more greed, instead of the planet. Their solution is to find another planet to live on when this one is destroyed. Instead of using their wealth and influence to make this planet a better place. This is being simple-minded, not being able to see things clearly for what they are and act accordingly. The false teachers and leaders among us in this society have widened the road to destruction and turned the world upside down with the masses of people on the bottom when they should be on the top, which they tell us is a democracy. These false teachings destroy the mind and spirit of true man whereby they are not able to take back their authority and begin to begin the process of being born again in their true purpose. A Renewal! When I destroy these untruths, and once the physical pain and mental agony is over. I will not leave you to your own imagination, but I will empower you. The bible said, teach a man to fish, not show him where he can fish. When Cain killed his brother Able, did not God ask Cain a rhetorical question? Are you not your brother's keeper? The African consciousness has been enslaved and murdered and given a false narrative with no purpose or direction through this new religion of illusion, delusion, superstition, and mysticism. Many of you have given away your authority given to you at birth either by way of oppressive force or voluntarily by the indoctrinated mind. If the Mind does not have a true purpose, chaos and destruction are a result. As we see across communities of color and in our relationships. Where more and more children are being aborted, killing future generations of individuals who could possibly make a difference in society with the proper nurturing and support. Unfortunately, what I speak of will not be an easy task. However, I will use the same bible being used to destroy and enslave the African Mind, to liberate and rejuvenate. Keeping in mind that certain sicknesses depending on the host will take longer to heal than others. It is amazing how certain teachings from the same Bible have been hidden because the people have been fed bad doctrines and teachings over and over again, never touching on their true essence and purpose in life. Pastor's leading the people astray in false teachings, mysticism, and superstition for personal greed. I will reveal hidden scriptures...

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