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The KEY to Hiring a Great Growth Marketer

Growth Velocity Show - Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and Startup Tip‪s‬

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Episode  ·  17:55  ·  Dec 4, 2021


I have hired a lot of growth marketers in the past, many of which were EPIC fail.We all know that hiring a bad growth marketer can be a total disaster. They could burn through your budget without any results or they might even damage your brand forever. On the other hand, if you hire a good one it will pay off in spades.I have been there and done that so I am going to share my mistakes with you so that you don't have to repeat them when hiring someone new for this position in your company. In today's episode, I will give you actionable advice on how to find and work with great growth marketers who get results!You will learn:Tip #1: Have a World-Class Job DescriptionTip #2: Fill Your FunnelTip #3: Consistently Test

17m 55s  ·  Dec 4, 2021

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