The End of Judgment? FIFA 22's Costly Upgrade - VG2M # 280

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Sean Garmer and Marc Morrison bring you another edition of Video Games 2 the MAX as they discuss games they are playing like Sean finishing Chicory: A Colorful Tale and starting up Scarlet Nexus. Marc also got into It Takes Two and more Timespinner as well. They also wonder if the recent news about SEGA and the agency in charge of the lead actor Takuya Kimura having a standoff about a PC version of Judgment could spell the end for the series. Should they just go on with another actor? And what does this say about SEGA's push for PC? A huge announcement made much earlier in the week from Bloomberg looks to put the next Assassin's Creed code-named Infinity into the live service realm. Marc is a major fan of the franchise and has reviewed all three of the most recent games, as well as many of the older ones as well and he has plenty to say on where the franchise could be headed, if it is a good idea or not, and if it means we see smaller scale AC settings again too. Double Fine wades into the difficulty debate by adding an Invincibility Mode for Psychonauts 2. Where do Sean and Marc stand on having things like this in video games? Plus, EA becomes the latest publisher to test gamer's wallets if you want to do an upgrade from last-gen to current-gen, Thoughts on Sony's latest State of Play, Square-Enix sells out of Final Fantasy XIV digitally, and more.Links: Don't forget you can also watch us on video as well over on the W2M Network Youtube channel:

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