The Egyptian Heracles: Heryshaf of Heracleopolis Magna

Cosmographia: The Graeco-Romans, the Egyptians and Us

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Episode   ·  1 Play  ·  6:46  ·  Nov 3, 2020


The Egyptian Heracles: Heryshaf of Heracleopolis Magna is an audio retelling of my article of the same name on ScrollStack. This narrates about the similarities and differences of various Egyptian gods with the Greek God of strength Hercules. The Greeks had a tendency to Hellenize every place they visited, which thus led them into creating the Interpretatio graeca, one that aims to establish a comparative discourse on cross cultural similarities in literature and mythology between various civilisations. This is the third full episode of Cosmographia: the Graeco Romans, the Egyptians and Us, a podcast that aims to bring about an outstanding philosophical and mythical link between the cultures and the civilisations of the ancient world.

6m 46s  ·  Nov 3, 2020

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